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All About Tyre Warranty

All About Tyre Warranty

How Does a Tire Warranty Work

We all want to have an eternal set of tires. Or at least we do not want to be engaged with further purchase for a long time after we initially spent some money on brand new tires. Unfortunately, our tyres have their own life cycle but meanwhile, some unforeseen obstacles occur and we are obliged to change them. Breath easily, there will be some relief if the producer of tyres provides a warranty.

Warranties for All Demands

Several types of warranties based on different criteria exist:

  • distance-covered warranty – it works the following way – with time your tyres will wear out, that is for sure. This warranty guarantees you that you are going to receive a particular amount of miles. The period is usually 4-6 years since the time of buying;
  • limited warranty – it covers a very short period of the life of your tires but you can call for a full refund or change with another in case your tyre is totally damaged;
  • material warranty – it covers a long period of 4-6 years since the date of manufacturing. The warranty protects you from any material flaws. To ask for a refund, your tyre should have some uncommon defects;
  • trial-period warranty – you have the opportunity to test particular tyres for a month. After the expiry of that period and in case you are not satisfied, you can change them for another set of tyres.

Which Tyre Manufacturers Offer the Best Tire Warranties

First of all, we have to set the initial criteria. In case you are looking for a long distance-covered warranty, it will be impossible to be accomplished for winter tyres let’s say. They are made of soft components characterized by flexibility and gripes. What does it mean? It means that winter tyres are not designed to last as long as all-season tires. We would suggest not driving with winter tires throughout the whole year unless you want to shorten their life significantly. It is not surprisingly most of the brands do not provide distance-covered warranties for winter tyres. Perhaps only Michelin do that. The French brand not only provides different standard and limited warranties but also ones with over 75 000 miles guaranteed distance covered.

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