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How To Change A Flat Tire

How To Change A Flat Tire

What Equipment is Needed

All experienced drivers had to deal with lots of issues while driving their cars on the road. Problems, like running out of petrol and having a flat tyre, are one the most common. In order to have an immediate response to the latter problem, you have to be well equipped in advance. Here are the essentials you need in case of having a flat tire:

  • jack – the most essential tool you will need. The one we use usually is the scissor jack;
  • lug wrench – we use it to loosen the lug nuts before mounting the spare tyre;
  • tire stoppers – an useful tools that provide additional stability for the car when stopped on the road;
  • car pomp – you will nееd that tool to check the spare tyre;
  • reflective triangles – notifying the other drivers is essential and could potential collision.

Can Run-Flat Tire be Repaired

According to some tyres producers, their run-flat tyre can be repaired. Some reveal that you need buying a new run-flat-tire. You should make your own investigation while choosing which one to trust. There is no single policy that is abided by all tires manufacturers.

What Exactly You Should Do

The following steps precisely display the process of removing the flat tyre and change it with a spare tyre. You should not neglect the issue and consider strictly doing all the points. As we had mentioned above, you shall need a jack, a lug wrench, tire stoppers and reflective triangles:

  • set the reflective triangles;
  • put the tire stoppers;
  • set the parking brake;
  • use the jack and lift up the car;
  • loosen the lug nuts of the flat tyre with the lug wrench;
  • use the car pomp for the spare tyre;
  • mount the spare tyre;
  • you are ready to go to the nearest service centre to get a new tyre.

What To Look Out For

The most important issue to remember is not to continue driving with a flat tyre. Otherwise, you will have to deal with solid costs for repair of your car. Moreover, check twice whether your jack is in proper condition. And last but not least, drive cautiously and try to avoid the holes on the road.

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