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What We Should Know About the Spare Tire

What We Should Know About the Spare Tire

What is its Job

It is a type of tyre but usually smaller in size. The spare tire is located in the boot of your car under the floor-located blanket. That is valid for common cars. In case, you have a huge mountain jeep, then your spare tyre might be located on the backdoor in an upright position. What else should we know? The spare tyre is intended to provide us with additional protection when we suffer an instant tire blow-out on the road. We would not suggest driving with it constantly. Its initial purpose is to help you reach the nearest service centre to change the flat one. So, please do not go on any kind of journey with your spare tyre mounted.

How to change it

In order to change your flat and pop tyre with a spare one, follow the steps below in that order:

  • find a flat place;
  • hazard lights should be turned on;
  • set the parking brake;
  • set stoppers to the tyres for more stability;
  • leave the hubcap aside;
  • loose the lug nuts;
  • put the jack and start changing.

What is the Max Speed Suggested

According to most tires manufacturers, it is not recommended to drive with a speed of more than 50 m/h. It is important to remember that you have to use the spare tyre only in short distances. Even if you drive on a highway in perfect weather conditions, do go above 50 m/h. The spare tyre is useful to help you reach the nearest service centre not to take part in a scene from the next “Fast and Furious” movie.

What Size Do I Need

Three main types of spare tires exist:

  • full-match – they are exactly the same size as yours. Completely identical, a full-match tyre is just an addition to your initial set of 4 tyres;
  • non-match they look the same way but can have the smaller weight due to some differences in construction. It is not recommended to use it permanently;
  • temporary – they are smaller than the common tyres. Their main advantage is that they fill less space in the boot.

When I Should Replace the Old Spare Tire

Unfortunately, you have to replace your spare tire in every 5-6 years no matter of the fact you had used it or not. Each tyre has a lifespan and after its expiry, it is no longer eligible for usage.

Where to Buy

You can buy a spare tire almost in every shopping centre. It is not that hard to purchase. For your convenience, you do not have to attend physically if you are bored with shopping and you lack the time required. You can buy your spare tyre online as well. Then you and your car will feel safer.

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