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Why Spare Tyre is So Important

Why Spare Tyre is So Important

What are the Benefits

Imagine the following situation on the road. You are driving your car in the countryside. Everything seems to be so idyllic – the singing birds, the fresh air outside, the perfect springtime. Suddenly you find out that there is something wrong with your tyre and immediately stop the car. You become shocked when you see your flat tire. But…unfortunately, you had forgotten to buy a spare tyre the last you had the same problems on the road. In order to skip getting into such unpleasant issues while driving, always check whether you have a spare tyre in the boot of your car. The next time you may have your phone battery low and draw down additional problems on the road.

What are the Disadvantages

Spare tires are mandatory for every car owner but does anybody need additional baggage in the tiny boot of his hatchback? There are some obvious cons to spare tyres. Have a look to the following problematic issues:

  • wastage of tires globally – approximately 1 billion spare tires are left alone. This huge pile of tires is going to cause an environmental catastrophe soon;
  • exceeding weight – most spare tires are usually heavy, especially for women;
  • difficult replacement – unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with the proper replacement of the flat tyre with the spare one;
  • cover too much space – if you own a tiny Smart, then keeping your spare tyre would turn to be serious cons.


Is it necessary

They are not only necessary but mandatory. If you appreciate the safety of you and your companying passengers, keeping a spare tyre in proper condition is a must. Pros of having spare tyre prevail significantly over the cons. “Man is a man when he is on the road” – that is a common maxim. But if you want to be the one who likes driving often, then do not put on hazard your safety.

In Order to Miss a Car Repair

In the end, you already know that neglecting the issue could cause you furthermore serious problems. In order to skip using the services of travel assistance, always check for the presence of spare tire in an inflated condition. Moreover, when having your spare tire mounted, take into consideration that you can drive a very short distance with it. However, if you decide to use if permanently, you may face urgent repair of your car.

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