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Why You Need Winter Tires

Why You Need Winer Tires

Do you need 4 winter tires

Preferably yes. Having a full set of 4 tires will guarantee your ultimate safety and optimal handling of your vehicle in even hopeless situations. The benefits are undoubted and our ask is not to cut your costs by purchasing tires only for the drive wheels. So, please change your old tires and change them with a full set of 4.

Are they really necessary

Benefits of using winter tires are undisputable. They provide you with additional safety and can protect you against any potential sliding in harsh winter conditions. You do not need to take additional risks on the road and instead reassure against all possible scenarios while driving. But winter tires are not necessary to use in every country. It all depends on the weather conditions. For instance, in the UK where the winters are usually soft and mild and snow does not cover the land for more than a few days, you do not need to winter tires at all. 4 all-season tires will do the work for you. But if you live in a Scandinavian country, where winters are harsh and the roads are icy and skiddy for most of the year, then it is mandatory to use them.

When should they be mounted

We would suggest not waiting too much before mounting your winter tires. Usually when the temperatures go below 5 C, then it is the time for changing. Get benefit from the strengths which they provide:

  • better handling;
  • improved traction;
  • guaranteed safety.

Otherwise, we are not informed about any legal period which obliges you to change your tires. It is the weather conditions that display the role of a legal indicator.

Winter changes road conditions

A lot of things change during winter – fuel consumption increases, diesel brand cars have problems with starting the engine, roads become icy and skiddy. The overall maintenance of your car should be at another level. That includes using a proper set of winter tires. You can choose between different types and brands but our recommendation is to invest serious money when it comes to your personal safety.

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